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Jacob – The Shipping Group

The roots of Jacob – The Shipping Group can be traced back to the Ernst Jacob shipping company, which was founded in Flensburg in 1955. In the year 2000, Jacob Tankschiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG was established as an operative branch in Hamburg to complement the shipping company.

As a full-service tanker owner and manager, our excellent customer relations, the highest levels of safety in all areas and a corporate strategy based on healthy growth are matters close to our heart. With that in mind, we put our faith in our experienced, well-coordinated team of employees, who have an excellent understanding of their craft. Their day-to-day personal commitment is the stable foundation of Jacob Shipping.

„Jacob – it is not just a company; it is a matter of the heart.“
Gert Köhler, Fleet Manager

Highly flexible. Perfectly networked. Always in operation for you.

Shipping in our hearts – since 1955

Stability and responsibility have always been top priorities for us and our partners. In this respect, the past, present and future are connected by a clear link that gives rise to an established mindset: everything we do, we do with passion. And we take responsibility for it.


Founding of the Ernst Jacob shipping company with the steamer „Schwennau“

Founding - February 1955


Entry into bulk shipping with the MS „Babette Jacob“

October 1972


Entry into tanker shipping with three tankers: „Gertrud Jacob“, „Erika Jacob“, „Dirk Jacob“

June 1976


Ernst Jacob becomes one of the ten biggest German shipping companies

September 1980


Founding of Jacob Tankschiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

August 2000


Formation of Jacob Panamax Tanker Pool GmbH & Co. KG as a subsidiary of Jacob Tankschiffahrtsgesellschaft


60th anniversary of the Ernst Jacob shipping company, with over 440 employees

February 2015